There's No Business Like Show Business

A couple of weeks ago, I saw The Lion King at TPAC with my brother.  My parents work as ushers at TPAC and were already working that night, so they just bought tickets for my brother and I to enjoy the show, while they essentially got paid to watch it!  I'm so glad I got to see the show.  I'm a big Disney fan, and the show is so popular.  It's incredible to see how they turn humans into animals, and the animals walk down the aisles up to the stage for the opening number.  Of course the house was packed with kids, and seeing them all brought back so many memories for me.  They were all dressed up in their Sunday best carrying their stuffed Simbas and asking their parents to buy them programs and souvenirs.  It was so sweet for me to see the kids, because that was totally me back in the day.

Most kids I know grew up in families full of sports fans, and their families would often venture to games.  Well, nobody in my family is a huge sports fan.  I guess you could say my family is more...artsy?  I grew up going to anything and everything involving the arts - plays, musicals, movies, even art museums.  I was that little girl at TPAC all dressed up asking my mom to buy me programs and souvenirs.

The first show I ever saw was Beauty and the Beast at TPAC in elementary school.  I have a great long-term memory but honestly can't remember seeing it.  My obsession first started when I saw The Phantom of the Opera at TPAC in fourth grade.  That's a pretty serious musical, and I was that nerd who was all about it in fourth grade.  I even got my dance teacher to make up a Halloween dance to the song "The Phantom of the Opera" for my class that year.  Then the movie came out when I was in seventh grade, and I watched it almost every day when it came out on DVD.  It'll probably always be my favorite, especially since it's the one that really got me into Broadway.  Since then I've seen 42nd Street, Legally Blonde the Musical, Wicked, Mamma Mia and The Lion King at TPAC, Mary Poppins in Chicago and Hairspray and Jersey Boys on Broadway in New York.

I get so giddy when I'm able to go see a performance and am usually listening to musical soundtracks while on a road trip.  I wish more than anything that I had the talent of the performers and could experience what they do.  I guess because I grew up dancing and singing, there's something about telling a story using those outlets that really connects with me.  I have so much respect for the actors who perform eight shows a week and give it their all each and every time.  I'm so impressed with their ability to perform live with such passion and perfection, and I'm so thankful for my parents exposing me to something that brings me so much joy.


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