T.J.Maxx Shopping Savings

I'm about to let you all in on a secret, and I must admit I'm a little nervous.  I'll admit to the truth if anybody ever asks me or the subject comes up, but I never blatantly go around pronouncing the following declaration.  I do not really enjoy shopping.  I know I'm really girly and like looking nice from time to time, so this may come as a surprise.  I don't know what it is, but I just don't have the patience to look through racks and racks of clothing only to find a couple of pieces of clothing I really like, and those couple of pieces may or may not even look good on me after trying them on.  That's another thing I hate.  Trying on clothes.  It's an ordeal to not smudge makeup on the clothes, and my hair's always completely ruined when I'm done.  And if the store has tons of people in it, and a lot of them are trying to look at the same section as me, forget it.  I have a thing about personal space, and I just get irritated when people are in that bubble.  Okay, well now that I have complained enough, and you probably think I need to be treated for perhaps multiple disorders (I promise I'm not THAT weird), let me get to the happy point.

 Although I don't like shopping, I do like T.J.Maxx, especially the Cool Springs T.J.Maxx in Franklin, Tennessee.  Not only do I usually find a ton of things (more than at the T.J.Maxx in Rivergate, which is closer to me), but as most people know, T.J.Maxx is all about some deals.  I'm always amazed to look at the original price of the clothes and compare that to the T.J.Maxx price.  That's a big point with me, because another reason I dislike shopping is because I can feel sickened over spending a lot of money on clothes, unless it's something I've been obsessing over for a long time and it's something I'll wear frequently for a long period of time.  (Example: In my opinion, a nice pair of jeans, a peacoat and even a handbag are good investments.)  I just can't spend a ton of money on a few casual tops.  Anyway, this T.J.Maxx is about 45 minutes away from my house, but even for a nonshopper like me, the drive is totally worth it.  That being said, I can only handle this shopping spree about two to four times a year, but when I go, I load up.  I've been out in Franklin this week for work, and on Tuesday, we ate lunch right next to T.J.Maxx and then called it a day, so I decided to stop in.  I had no idea I would find 27 articles of clothing to take to the fitting room.  Yeah, 27.  My cart was overflowing.  I knew people probably thought I was a shopaholic, and I was a little embarrassed to tell the fitting room attendant the number of articles of clothing I had.  After some eliminating, I walked out with nine tops and one skirt.  Because I'm excited about my rare haul of clothing and the amount of savings, I decided to do a little blog post about my finds.  A lot of the tops are simple sleeveless, flowy tops.  They are my favorite thing to wear during the summer, because they're so comfortable, and they can be dressed up to wear to my internship or dressed down just to run around town or hang out.  Here we go!

Warning: I've been having to use my iPhone for all my pictures, which I know does not really do the pictures justice.  My camera broke a few months ago, and I haven't gotten it repaired or bought a new one.  I'm holding out, because I think I'm going to ask for a DSLR camera for Christmas, and honestly, my camera was so old, I'm pretty sure my phone's camera is of equal or better quality.  Just keep that in mind. :)

Rose & Olive Light Pink Top
Original Price: $34
T.J.Maxx Price: $16.99

Calvin Klein Yellow Top with Lace Detail and Back Zipper (The color is much brighter in person.)
Original Price: $59.50
T.J.Maxx Price: $24.99

Ellen Tracy Black and White Polka Dot Top
Original Price: $69.50
T.J.Maxx Price: $19.99

Willi Smith Blue Top
Original Price: $28
T.J.Maxx Price: $16.99

Violet & Claire Pink Top with Gold Buttons
Original Price: $34
T.J.Maxx Price: $16.99

Leo Meets Virgo Cream Top with Black Collar
Original Price: $18
T.J.Maxx Price: $12.99

Willi Smith Black Top
Original Price: $28
T.J.Maxx Price: $16.99

Willi Smith Orange Top (Same as the black top above.  I just liked it so much, I got both colors!)
Original Price: $28
T.J.Maxx Price: $16.99

Cynthia Steffe Pink Top with Navy Back Zipper
Original Price: $60
T.J.Maxx Price: $29 then on clearance for $20

Willi Smith Tweed Skirt
Original Price: $42
T.J.Maxx Price: $24.99 then on clearance for $15

If I would've bought all these items at their original prices, I would have spent $401.  The amount I spent at T.J.Maxx was $177.92.  I saved more than half off the original price!  I think that's a pretty stellar price for nine articles of clothing.  And this, my friends, is why I love T.J.Maxx and am totally okay with just a couple of shopping trips a year. :)

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  1. 1. I hate shopping, too.
    2. I'm going home tomorrow, and I'll definitely be hitting up our TJ Maxx :)