Although this is old news, I still feel like it deserves a post now that I've gotten to know her and we've truly bonded.  One month ago, I adopted the most precious puppy.  She is a female Westie named Winnie.  

I have always been a huge animal, and especially dog, lover.  My family had a dog, a miniature Schnauzer named Gretchen since before I was born that I grew up with.  A few years after she passed away when I was in eighth grade, my mom's friend rescued a male Scottie, who I named Spunky.  We were so attached to each other, but he unfortunately passed away only a year and a half later due to many health issues.  I have been wanting a new dog for years now, and I was finally able to welcome a sweet puppy into my life six years after I lost my last one.

I have loved the Westie breed ever since I was a little girl.  I mean, I really don't know how anybody could look at one of their faces and not think it's a cute dog.  It's the sweet face you see in Cesar dog food ads.


Also, girls might know the breed from American Girl's Coconut.

Besides being so adorable, I found out that Westies are good for people with allergies, because they don't shed.  I have allergies, and honestly, I just wouldn't want to constantly be picking dog hair off my couch and clothes, so I figured this was a good sign. :) I also talked with some people I know who have Westies, and they all highly recommended the breed.

After years of (not so) casually bringing it up, my parents finally agreed I could get a dog if I took her to school with me and they were not responsible for taking care of her.  On the last day of exams, I was searching for Westie puppies for sale.  I was pleased to find the most adorable 6-week-old puppies in Manchester, Tennessee who would be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks.  After coming home and talking with my parents, I contacted the breeder, and she told me there was one little girl left.  She then proceeded to send me a few pictures, including these.

 I mean, how can you not fall in love?  After more correspondence with the breeder, I went to go pick up my baby on the very day she turned eight weeks old.  I was so pleased to find the breeder had a very nice ranch, and the area where she kept the puppies looked very clean and safe.  Out of the five puppies in the litter, two were left.  The breeder told me one was a boy and one was a girl, and after picking up the girl, she said, "Here's your baby!" and put her in my arms.  It truly was love at first sight.  After signing the correct paperwork and taking my picture, the breeder wrapped Winnie in a blanket with a print of pink and purple crowns on it.  (It's like the breeder knew me...)  Here's a picture of Winnie on the ride home:

She has been such a joy, and I could not be happier to be her mommy.  I was thinking about it and realizing that she will be right by my side for so many important milestones in life.  Pretty soon, she'll be with me as I'm getting my first job and my first place by myself.  Hopefully she'll live the 12-16 years Westies can live, and hopefully I'll get married and have kids within that timespan.  It's just crazy to think about how she will be with me through all those life-changing events, but it makes me so happy.  We've already gotten so attached, and I can't wait to spend the next years with her.

One of my favorites of my sweet Winnie girl :)


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