That One Time I Felt Like a Celebrity

I remember way back in January my friend/Phi Mu sister/neighbor, Caitlin, texting me and saying something along the lines of, "So I just talked with my parents about what I want to do for my 21st birthday, and I need to come to your apartment and tell you about it ASAP!"  I was thinking Okay, your birthday's six months away.  This must be something important and way more exciting than what most of us do for our 21st birthdays.  Come to find out her parents had agreed to take her and a few friends to Las Vegas for a few days.  Oh my goodness, I could not have been more excited!  I went to Vegas when I was 16 and enjoyed it, because my family and I did a lot of typical tourist things, which I always enjoy doing.  However, there's so much you can't do and so many places you can't go in the city unless you're 21, so I had always wanted to return once I reached that age.  I was so thankful Caitlin's parents were making that happen!  In February, we were already choosing the details for our limo rides and clubs we would go to (more on that later), and the countdown began.  Caitlin's 21st birthday finally came on July 3, and we had the most fun Vegas trip that four 21-year-old girls could ask for.  Besides Caitlin, her parents and her two sisters, Emily and Sarah, the group ended up being Rachel (my friend/Phi Mu sister/roommate), Carrie (my friend/Phi Mu sister) and me.

Day 1: Wednesday, July 3

We arrived at the Nashville airport bright and early at 7 a.m., but we didn't care, because we knew we were in for an amazing vacation!  Caitlin, Carrie and I all flew out together.  Poor Rachel had an exam that day and had to fly by herself later that night.

Almost on the plane!

We all had to get separate seats, but it's okay, because I got to sit next to the most adorable father and little son.

Limo that picked us up from the airport

We stopped to take pictures with the famous sign.

Checking in at Caesars Palace

Mine and Ray Ray's bed (Cool mirror pic, I know.)

TV in the bathroom mirror say what?!

We went to lunch across the street at Margaritaville, which gave us a decent view of part of the strip and a great view of Caesars Palace.

Steak taco salad - yum!  Y'all know I'm kind of a foodie and will take pictures of especially delicious meals.  Don't make fun.

After lunch, we walked around The Forum Shops, which is part of Caesars Palace.  They have a good mixture of shops, but of course I loved looking through stores like David Yurman, Tiffany and Louis Vuitton.  

Walking back into the casino

Then, it was time for Caitlin's birthday dinner at Grand Lux Cafe at the Palazzo.

Glasses and sash provided by Caitlin's mom

Beautiful quatrefoil bracelet given to her by her parents that matches her Pandora ring!

 The most amazing birthday cake ever!  One die was chocolate and one was lemon.  It was so good.

 With Caitlin's sisters, Emily and Sarah

From there we went to the Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil show at Mandalay Bay.  All I can say is WOW.  I had never seen a Cirque du Soleil show before, so I had no idea what to expect.  The show was so easy to get into, because I knew all the music, and all the performers were ridiculously talented.  It was pretty emotional and legitimately took my breath away.  I would recommend it to anybody.  It was just phenomenal.

I got cut off haha.  Oh well.

They have a lot of his costumes on display.  Here are his shoes!

Next, it was time to pick up Rachel at the airport!

I wanted to look official.

We were all so tired by the end of the night, so we just stayed in the hotel talking, relaxing and resting up for the celebratory nights ahead.

Day 2: Thursday, July 4

We began the day with eating breakfast at a restaurant in Caesars Palace called Central then headed to the pool.  There are actually five pools that all make up what is known as the Gardens of the Gods Oasis.  We spent most of our time in the main one.

It was pretty majestic I guess ;)

I just had to include this picture of the 21+ pool with swim up black jack, because that's really cool.

That night, we went to an Italian restaurant in Caesars Palace called Rao's.

Then it was time for our first club night.  Caitlin wore a fabulous sign made by Carrie.  Signs must be a Tennessean/Southern thing or something, because we got lots of questions as to what it was.

A limo picked us up from the hotel stocked with our drink and mixers of choice and drove us up and down the strip and to the club.  We went to Tao at the Venetian on the first night.  A lady who worked for whatever party planning company we went through for the limo ride walked us from the limo to the front of the line at the club, and a Tao employee walked us directly to our VIP table.  Hence the title of this blog post.  It was pretty incredible.  We really liked how intimate Tao was, and our waitress was super sweet and personable.  We had bottle service at our table, so we got to pick our drink and mixers, and our waitress actually made our drinks for us.  

Day 3: Friday, July 5

We slept in and went to In-N-Out Burger.  The line was almost out the door, and it took forever to find a table, but it was so good.

Rachel and I love the Kardashians and had been wanting to visit the Kardashian Khaos store at the Mirage, so that's what we went to do next.  Caitlin was still really tired from the night before and decided to stay in and take a nap, but Carrie joined us.

Picture pit stop

In the words of Kourtney and Khloe, "Oh yeah, oh yeah!"

With my girl, Kim

I got a coffee mug to add to my collection, and Rachel got a fan of Kourtney's face haha.

We then walked around The Forum Shops again, and I had to get a picture with this T-shirt, because I love The Hangover, and staying in Caesars Palace constantly made me think of this scene.

Then, it was Carrie's turn to nap, and Caitlin, Rachel and I went the pool for a couple of hours before heading to dinner at one of Emeril Lagasse's restaurants, Table 10 at the Palazzo.  Rachel, Carrie and I all got free sangrias by checking in on Fourquare.  It was so refreshing and a $12 value -- free!  That's enough to excite me.  Then, we all got margherita pizzas and split this banana cream pie.  As a huge dessert fan, I can confidently say that Table 10's desserts are to die for.

Then we went back to Caesars to get ready for our second night of limo rides, VIP tables and bottle service.  (Do you now understand why I gave this post the title it has and how thankful I am for Caitlin's parents doing all of this for us?!)

Outside the hotel waiting for the limo

In the limo!

We went to XS at the Wynn, which was incredibly luxurious.  The inside of the club was beautiful with lots of gold detail.  Above and Beyond was DJing that night.

The outside had a gorgeous pool.

We met a couple of really nice Australian boys who shared their poolside table with us and taught us some hilarious Australian dance moves.

It was the perfect way to spend our last night in Vegas.

Day 4: Saturday, July 6

We packed up and dropped off our luggage with the concierge then headed to Serendipity for brunch.

Picture pit stop with Caesars in the background

I got the hangover omelet (no pun intended..even though everybody laughed at me when I ordered it) and then, of course, I had to get a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.  I had one a few months ago at the Serendipity in New York and honestly think this one was richer and better!

We only had a couple of hours left before our limo picked us up for the airport, so we spent the time looking around the shops again and doing a little bit of gambling.

Caitlin and her dad being bosses playing craps

A little piece of Tennessee in Vegas.  A Dolly slot, y'all!!

I did not have luck at the slots as you can tell.

Goodbye, Caesar.
Picture taken from the limo to the airport with the strip in the background and lots of cacti in the foreground!  We were so amused to see cacti.  I bet our limo driver thought we were idiots.  Hey, it's not something you see every day in Tennessee!

I got to sit on the plane next to Rachel and Caitlin's sisters, Sarah and Emily.  Rachel gets nervous on planes, and it was a pretty turbulent ride.  It was definitely a ton of fun to torture her during the bumpy parts, although I'm sure she hated us at the time.  We were cracking up, though, and eventually made Rachel laugh too.  I even accidentally jumped so much at one time that I grabbed the man's head in front of me.  It was definitely entertaining and made it really hard to come home.  The man said, "Ooh we got a couple of wild ones back here, do we?"  Whoops.

This trip to Vegas is full of so many fun memories I'll never forget.  I love celebrating occasions and traveling, and this was a perfect combination of the two.  From the time we woke up each morning until we went to bed each night was seriously packed with so many laughs, and we've come back with so many inside jokes/understandings of our habits while there.  (We Can't Stop, #blessed, bachelor parties and so many more.)  The VIP service that Caitlin's parents so graciously got for us was truly appreciated, and I would be lying if I said I didn't miss it now that I'm back to reality.  This vacation was so relaxing and fun that all the stress I had before I went is gone.  I always feel like I come back from vacations with mixed emotions.  In a way, I'm a little depressed that they're over, but I come back with a bit of a high because of how much fun I had and the gratefulness I feel for being able to travel.  I just could not be more thankful for the people I took this vacation with and the experiences we had.  Vegas for a 21st birthday is always a good idea.


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