I am always grateful for the friends I have made in Knoxville and how sane they keep me during the craziness that is college, but of course, it's easier to be even more sentimental around the holidays.  This year, my core group of friends in Phi Mu (my roommates, Rachel and Lauren, and our neighbors, Kaeli, Caitlin and Lauren) and I decided to make inexpensive, crafty Christmas presents for each other.  It was so fun to all celebrate Christmas together and see what everybody came up with.  

Here are my presents all together:

Now for individuals:

 Kaeli's peppermint sugar scrub

 Rachel's ornament with the words of the Phi Mu creed inside

 Caitlin's coffee mug and fuzzy socks

Lauren Hendrix's wine cork Christmas tree ornament

Lauren Harris' apron

You can tell everybody put a lot of thought and effort into their presents, and I love them all.

Earlier that night, my friend Jordan, who I call "my best friend in my major," and I also exchanged presents.  I've mentioned her before, but Jordan has been such an incredible friend who I can't imagine not having in my life, and I just know we were not placed in each other's lives by chance.  She constantly challenges me to work harder and be a better person both personally and professionally.  We're so alike in so many ways, it's almost a little freaky.  Here are the presents she got me:

The print connects Washington, D.C.  and New York City.  Just one way Jordan and I are alike is the fact we both have dreams to move away to big cities and pursue our careers there.  Jordan wants to go to D.C., and I want to go to NYC.  I actually just got back from a trip to NYC where I conducted informational interviews with professionals whose careers I admire and work at PR firms I'm interested in working at.  Jordan was the one who actually gave me the idea to do that, as she had planned to do the same thing in D.C. right after the semester ended.  The print is so sentimental to me, and I can see it sitting on my desk at work.  Jordan and I have already gotten sad about leaving each other, because we usually discuss every detail of our schoolwork, internships and job search.  Good thing we have the exact same class schedule next semester to keep each other in sync, and we've already decided we'll be making lots of Megabus trips to see each other after we move.  Thank God for technology as well.  I just know we'll be texting multiple times a day to fill each other in on our every step as we move and become "big girls."

Sidenote - my trip went extremely well, and I met some really awesome people who work for great companies, and I'm excited to see where my future takes me!  

The bracelet says, "In A New York State Of Mind," which is also perfect for me, because NYC is pretty much constantly on my mind, and I love jewelry.

As I said before, these girls are truly my sanity in Knoxville, and I definitely do not take them for granted, especially considering we didn't become close until sophomore/junior year, and I know what college was like without them.  I'm definitely counting them as blessings this holiday season!  And isn't the time spent with your loved ones truly better than the presents?  I honestly think so.  Okay, I've been cheesy enough.  Happy holidays, y'all!  I hope everybody can celebrate them with your loved ones just like I am.


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