Have you ever met one of those people who has some random obsession and talks about it all the time when you honestly couldn't care less?  Hi, I'm one of those people.  In fact, I find myself being passionate about a few core things.

There are a lot of things I feel meh about or just don't have a solid opinion formed on.  Besides the fact I don't like arguing and I wish everybody could just be mature, respectful and tolerant, this is a big reason why I don't really enjoy discussing politics or being asked what my views are.  I do have some views, but honestly, a lot of the times, it's hard for me have a certain stance on some issues, because I tend to see both sides in an argument.  I believe a lot of things in this world are too complicated to be black or white.  However, aside from politics (that's a whole other discussion), there are many other things I just don't like or dislike.  They're just there, and they're just okay, and I can live with or without them.

Which brings me to my point.  If I'm really interested in something/feel strongly about something, I tend to say I'm passionate about it, and I don't mean that lightly.  So if you find me using that word, that means I'm really into it.  I wanted to talk about a few of my passions so that way, maybe, this post will give more insight about me, and I can stop word vomiting all about these passions to everybody I meet. :)
1. Relationships
I am very blessed by the fact I'm surrounded by family members and friends who are healthy influences and speak truth into my life.  It can be hard to remember this is not the situation for everybody, and it's something I try not to take for granted every single day.  Besides being thankful for these relationships, I always to try to be intentional with them.  This is of even more significance now that I live in a city almost 1,000 miles away from my family and all my friends I had before I moved.  The days and weeks go by so fast, and I'm busy and tired a lot, but I still try to make effort to contact my loved ones, ask them how they are, see what's new and let them know I love and miss them.  I'm nowhere near perfect at doing this consistently, but I absolutely try at the end of every day to go through my phone and respond to any messages I hadn't had time to earlier in the day and reach out to others.

I also find myself constantly learning about and trying to practice healthy relationships.  I love other people and really try to see the good side in everybody.  This has sometimes led to me letting myself be walked over or not being treated the way I should be.  When I was young, my mom had to teach me the lesson that I will have many acquaintances throughout life and far fewer good, true friends.  She was so right, and I try to only be surrounded by positive, caring, loyal people.  And realizing that is not as common as one might think has made me even more appreciative of the ones I do have.

 My family

 My absolute best friend in the entire world since second grade, Kelsey

Some of my best friends from home, The Clique Six - Erin, Katie, Emily, Emily Ann and Ali

 Some of my best friends/sisters/roommates/neighbors from college - Caitlin, Lauren, Kaeli, Rachel and Lauren

 My best guy friend/twin brother, Joseph

Another great friend since fifth grade, Robby

One of the best nights reunited with my hometown friends, Kelsey, Ali, Robby, Joseph, Katie and Erin

My "best friend in the PR major," Jordan

2. Dogs
This probably comes as no surprise if you know anything about my obsession with my dog, Winnie.  I think dogs have amazing powers and truly are man's best friend.  I was born into a dog family.  My mom got a dog when she had cancer in middle school and was forever touched by the comfort and healing that dog gave her, which is probably a lesson my mom passed down to me.  My brother got a miniature schnauzer, Gretchen, for his second birthday (two and a half years before I was born) who was my first dog.  I enjoy dogs so much, I feel like I constantly have to be around them and touching/loving on them if they're around me.  Apparently, I was pretty rough as a young child with my dog, pulling at her tail and ears (just trying to play I'm sure), and quite frankly, we didn't get along too well.  I still loved her, and she still taught me that (I believe) every child should grow up with a dog to learn the lessons they teach.  Three years after she died, my family rescued a Scottie, Spunky, who became my baby.  Being a rescue who was abused in such awful conditions, he was eternally grateful for his new home, and he became my baby.  Spunky would somehow wander into my room in the middle of the night every night and wait by my bed until I woke up the next morning.  He would do anything for me and actually let me hug and squeeze him, unlike Gretchen.  Spunky was also special, as he had a connection when it came to my grandpa.  When we visited my grandparents, Spunky would sit right next to his chair.  My feeble grandpa would just lean over the chair and put his hand down and pet Spunky.  None of us ever heard Spunky bark except for my grandpa one day.  My family had all gone out, and my grandpa was home alone with Spunky.  A man had come to cut my grandparents' grass, and he was coming to the door to get his check.  Spunky, knowing my elderly grandpa was home alone, and not knowing who this man was, barked like crazy at the man, just trying to protect my grandpa.  Dogs sense things and protect when humans fail, and I'll always find that fascinating about them.  Spunky was sick on and off the whole time we had him, due to the awful abuse he previously endured.  Only a little after a year of having him, we had to put him to sleep, and it was like my world came crashing down.  He meant the world to me, and I never thought I'd find another dog I loved as much as him.  While I always yearned for another dog, I got serious about it as I ended my junior year of college and finally gained the courage to ask my parents.  I had always wanted a Westie and found the perfect little girl to adopt.  With the understanding that she was 100% my responsibility and I would be taking her to school with me, my parents agreed.  I got her as I was going through a tough transitional period of my own, and I truly thank Winnie for helping me survive it.  Having a dog of my own — not my family's dog — has been an adventure and reward in itself, and Winnie truly is one of the best parts of my life.



3. Singing, dancing, musicals, performing arts and all that jazz
I also come from a family who is all into that stuff, and every member is musically inclined.  I got bitten by the bug when I started taking dance lessons at three years old.  I spent the next fourteen years at two different studios taking ballet, tap and jazz and competing on a hip hop team.  I ate, slept, breathed dance, and I miss it every single day.  I also grew up constantly singing.  I also enjoy writing so I was frequently writing poems that I would try to create little melodies for.  I took piano lessons for four years before my life was taken over even more by dance and I had to choose between the two.  I was in a school choir from fourth grade all the way through college and took voice lessons through middle and high school.  My high school's select chorus was the closest thing I've ever felt to a second family and granted me some incredible friendships and memories I still hold dear.  Unless you're in it, you can't really understand it, but anybody who was in it can vouch for that undeniable bond.  Being that my family is artsy, my family loves theater.  My parents took me to my first show, The Phantom of the Opera, when I was nine years old.  I've been smitten since then, and I can honestly say I think I'd rather be seeing a musical over doing anything else on any given day.  I have a list a mile long of musicals I want to see, some of which I've already seen since I moved to New York.  I just can't get enough, and I wish I were halfway as talented as the people who perform in them.  Another point of interest: You know how most kids go to those summer camps where they play sports, swim, make crafts, etc.?  I went to performing arts camps during summer.  I know, I'm cool.

 Ladybug tap recital costume with Kelsey.  Sorority girl posing since 2000.

 With Cardell, our Memphis boy, who lead us to my first national championship

 National champions again

 Select Chorus at the Biltmore, where we sang every December

 Singing "For Good" from Wicked with Katie at Senior Assembly

 Singing at Coffee House with Lindsay

Jersey Boys is one of my favorite musicals!

I could go on about more of my passions, but obviously I'm even more long winded than usual when it comes to things I love, so I guess here is a good place to stop.  Thanks for giving me the time and space to gush over these things even more than I already do. :)

I can hardly believe I've been in New York City for three weeks now.  In some ways, it feels like I just moved, but moreso it really is hard to believe it's only been three weeks.  So much has happened in that span of time, and although I still have so much to learn and so many more things I want to see and do, I already feel like I've learned a lot about the city and am starting to feel more natural as a city gal.

Just an FYI - the title of this post comes from one of my favorite songs, Human Nature, by Michael Jackson.  I've been using it for everything I've done documenting my time here, but that line has always struck me as my sentiment toward moving here.  I truly want to take a bite out of — and savor — my time here.  It's a goal I dreamed of and yearned for for such a long time, and I worked really hard to accomplish it.  After all that, soaking it all in is the only way to do it.

I'm here interning at Burson-Marsteller, a global communications firm with offices all over the world, in the corporate/financial practice.  I found out about Burson after attending the PRSSA National Conference last fall, where I met Jess Noonan, an employee also in Burson's corporate/financial practice.  She was part of a panel discussing work/life balance, a topic that's very important to me.  I absolutely love the world of public relations and the work experience I've had.  In fact, I really wanted to move to New York and immerse myself in my job and learn as much as I could while I'm still young and can be a bit more selfish and unconcerned with how it affects anybody else.  PR is a stressful field where lots of unexpected tasks can come your way, and working early mornings, late nights and weekends is not uncommon.  However, I believe it's important to recognize the difference between tight deadlines where that extra time is required and just staying at the office because your work never truly ends, but the world won't end if you leave at 5:30.  Also, as much as I love work so far, I did move to a fabulous city with so much to do, and what was the point if I can't enjoy exploring it? *Okay, back to the point.  I know most people tend to notice I'm a little long-winded.  What can I say?!  I'm a word person.*  At the conference, Jess seemed so sweet, genuine and as if she truly enjoyed her job.  I spoke with her after, explaining I was visiting New York in December to conduct informational interviews and wanted to see if she would be able to meet with me for 15-30 minutes sometime that week.  When I met with her in December, she further explained her work, the company and the Harold Burson Summer Internship program, a 10-week internship that is often treated as an extensive job interview for students who have graduated.  Upcoming college seniors can also intern and be considered for a full time position the following summer

I applied for the internship, sent my transcript, completed the essays and went through two rounds of interviews — one with HR and one with members from the practice I was being considered for (corporate/financial of course) before I was offered a spot at the end of March.  I knew they would be making their calls sometime that week, and I remember running to the bathroom to grab a tissue as soon as I saw the 212 area code pop up on my phone.  I was so ecstatic to hear the good news and immediately called my parents and best friend, Kelsey, and quickly told my other friends through texting and GroupMe.  That evening of pure joy/"How the heck is this all going to work out?!" will forever be etched in my memory.

So now, that leads me to where I am today!  Out of 500 applicants, about 59 were selected to intern at offices all over the country, with 24 of us being in the New York office, working across all practices.  The first day was a long orientation familiarizing us with the company, our practices and fellow interns.  There are three other interns in my practice, and I could not be more thankful for each of them.  We're all so different, but we all just click.  We share a conference room with the two healthcare interns, and the six of us are constantly talking and laughing.  We joke that we probably know each other a little too well for how little time we've known each other.  As I mentioned earlier, we all share a big conference room together and have our own laptops.  We've named it Intern Island, and it's become our cozy little home.  Although I don't know the other interns in other practices as well, they all seem wonderful. and I really hope to get closer to them as the summer goes on.  Most of us went for dinner and drinks after work one day last week, and it was the most fun night I've had since being here.  I guess since we're all in the same boat, we're all just looking to become friends and have a good time, and I love being around such a diverse group of talented and intelligent people.

So far I've worked on a variety of projects, including a lot of media list compiling and media pitching.  Especially with my journalism minor and working at my school's TV station, media relations has always been an interest to me, and I expressed on the first day this was something I wanted more practice with.  I've also pulled together coverage reports, which outline media coverage for clients, constructed pitches and conducted a lot of research.  The corporate/financial team has been great about setting up meetings for the interns with senior level employees for us to learn more about each other, see whose backgrounds interest us and what projects we might like to work on.  All the interns as a whole also have one to two hour trainings almost every day that teach us a variety of things, such as the different practices across the firm, helpful tools such as media monitoring websites and skills like time management.

I'm truly blown away by how friendly and welcoming everybody in the company is.  The interns are treated like equals, and I always feel as if I can approach anybody without feeling intimidated or like I'm bothering them.  The culture of the company is outstanding, and it shows in the people who work there.  The company also has great perks that keep employees happy, including Keurig machines on every floor, snacks every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and a bar cart serving beer and wine every Friday afternoon.  It really is the little things that pick you up and make you feel appreciated.

Yeah, so I'm pretty much a big deal with my official badge and all.

All the interns on College Alma Mater Day when we wore our college T-shirts

Intern Island (minus Teyonna...Dangit, one of these days we are going to get a good picture of all six of us!) at the bagel breakfast - Amy, me, Michelle, Georgia and Carmen

We got to eat lunch with Harold Burson, the man who started Burson-Marsteller back in the '50s.  He's 93 and still comes to work just about every day, because, in his words, "Nobody ever told me to stop."  Isn't he the cutest?!  He's a legend and also so kind.  He told us he usually keeps his door open and we could come talk to him at any time.  He's also from Tennessee and has owned several Westies throughout his life, so I take that as a sign I ended up at the right place/Mr. Burson and I are meant to be besties. :) When some of us girls sat down across from him at the lunch, he said, "Well, it looks like the Miss America pageant in here!"  We died giggling.  He's the best.

After work dinner and drinks at Brother Jimmy's, a Southern (thank goodness!) restaurant started by a North Carolinian.  You get 20% off food on Wednesdays with a Southern ID.  Umm yes, please.  Carmen and I may or may not have looked up the menu at work (pretty much first thing in the morning because we love food that much), and were set on splitting BBQ nachos and the Swamp Water.  Think what you will, but I've always wanted to try a fishbowl, and it was delicious!  Another corporate intern stole the alligator, and he now sits in Intern Island with us.  I named him Artie, but it hasn't really caught on with the other girls yet.  Whatevs.

Teyonna, Aditi, me and Carmen at Brother Jimmy's

Teyonna, another corporate intern.  We all gave each other superlatives, and hers was Dark and Mysterious.  Teyonna's a little quieter, but when she speaks, every word is a word of wisdom, and a lot of things she says are so funny, but she's never trying to be funny.  I don't know what it is, but she's just a gem.  We both live in downtown Brooklyn and have the same subway commute.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, my superlative was Southern Belle.  I will gladly and proudly own that. :)

I think Friday was the most stressful day for all of us on the Island, and we were beyond excited to try out the Burson Bar Cart come 4:30.  Artie even made it in the picture!  See?  Don't you think he looks like an Artie?

Just the past two and a half weeks have been some of the most educational, insightful and fun times I've had, and I'm beyond excited to see what the rest of the program holds.  I know I was meant to be in the presence of this city, this firm and these people.  Grateful doesn't even begin to explain how I feel for this experience and the opportunity to live out my dream.  Cheers to HBSI NY 2014!

Wow, it's been forever since I posted!  The last few months just absolutely flew by.  Hmm, where to begin catching you up (and how to do so without making a post a mile long)?

We had our Phi Mu Founders' Day, and I'm so thankful my mom was able to come again.  I was honored to receive the "Best Senior" award.

I threw Winnie a birthday party for her first birthday, because why not?  I really do treat her like my daughter, and I'm so thankful for how happy she's made me and the bond we've established over the past year.

Cake edible for dogs made by River Dog Bakery

We went to our last date party with a "Mus at the Zoo" theme.  My friends and I went as an elementary school class on a field trip to the zoo.

Phi Mu held its annual ceremony during which the seniors become alumni.  Tears.  One of the best decisions I made in college.  Y'all already know this, but I really can't emphasize enough the confidence, worth and place of belonging my sorority gave me.  It wasn't an organization I joined just because everybody else was rushing; it changed so many facets of my life and greatly improved who I was as a person.  No exaggeration.

Cougars for life.  Also, we were the largest senior pledge class in Panhellenic, which must say something about how incredible the Kappa chapter of Phi Mu is.

We had our last formal.  I wore a dress I was in love with and reminded me of Glinda's from Wicked (obsessed with that musical), and my friends and I sure had fun.

(Boys have really poor photography skills, knowing how to zoom in, crop, etc.)

Oh yeah, then I GRADUATED COLLEGE!  I'm so thankful for everything my university (particularly my college and major) gave me.  It really hasn't hit me yet that I'm actually done with that chapter in my life.  I'm going to miss my friends so much, but I know we'll stay close.

Since I've been home, I've been super busy with a lot of fun things.

I went to my friend Kelsey's graduation brunch and commencement ceremony.  We've been friends since middle school and both went to each other's college graduations.  My hometown friendships mean more to me than I can express!

My best friend's nephew, McClain had a construction themed 2nd birthday party.  I can't believe he's already 2!  I hung out with my best friend almost every day the summer he was born while she babysat him, and he stole my heart.  I just love him to death.  He'll always have a special place in my heart.

One of my friends from my high school choir (our families also go way back), Lindsay, had her bridal shower.  I'm always happy for my friends when they get engaged, but I am just absolutely thrilled for this one in particular.  Lindsay truly is a gem, and finding a person with a heart as kind and selfless as hers is rare.  I've seen her through different relationships, and we've complained about being single and wondering if we'll ever find The One, and I'm filled with joy about the fact she found hers!  There are few people as deserving as her.

I couldn't make it to her bachelorette party that night, because I had another group of friends in town I had already committed to see, but I happened to run into her downtown!  Isn't she going to be such a beautiful bride?!  Thank you, photobomber.

My friend, Kaeli, threw a Phi Mu kitchen themed bridal shower for one of our sisters who is our age but graduated a year early, Katie.  Katie was the philanthropy chairman before me, and I look up to her so much.  She's a wonderful person, and I'm so excited for her!

So now what?!  Oh yeah, I got a summer internship at a PR firm in New York City!!!  It's been my dream ever since I was a little girl to live and work in NYC as a young professional, and it's still a bit surreal that this dream is becoming a reality.  I've worked hard over the past year in particular to make it happen, including flying there in December to conduct informational interviews and filling out applications toward the beginning of this year.  I accepted an offer to intern at Burson-Marsteller in its corporate and financial practice.  I truly believe in this company, its work and what it stands for.  I'm so thankful I was selected, and I can't wait to see how much I will learn and grow.

Everybody said it was hard to find a place to live in New York City, and I knew that coming into it, but I don't think anybody could have prepared for me just how big of a headache it actually was.  Right as I was starting to really lose hope, I found a gem of a one bedroom apartment in a high rise building in downtown Brooklyn.  The building has an elevator, a 24 hour doorman and green space right outside (perfect for Winnie)!  My apartment has its own washer and dryer and floor to ceiling windows, which I'm in love with.  The building is just steps from tons of restaurants, shops and things to do downtown, a five minute walk from a park (again, perfect for Winnie) and a 12 minute subway ride from my office.  I truly lucked out happening to find something this perfect in our budget.  I'm also fond of Brooklyn, because that's where my godfather lives, and he is who I've always stayed with when I've visited, so I'm excited to be close to him as well.

I'm feeling a little bit of every emotion, but of course, I'm mostly excited!  I know this is what I want and need.  I just wish all my family and friends could come with me, but of course that's not possible.  It just shows how lucky I am to have these people in my life that it makes me sad to leave them.  It'll be an adjustment, and it's the first time I'll ever live on my own.  However, I love the city, and I truly believe this internship will be a perfect fit for me, so I'm beyond thrilled and grateful.  I can't wait to see just how much I'll grow and learn as I begin this new journey in life!

This blog post idea has circulated in my head for a while now, and it's been very hard to decide if I actually want to post this.  For a while, I thought of just writing this for myself, since writing is my therapy, but I know there are other people who have had the same feelings as me, so I feel this might be an applicable topic.  Part of the reason I've debated publishing this is because I don't want anybody to get the wrong idea by my opinions.  I don't want anybody to think I'm one of either two extremes: a bitter, man-hater who is completely against dating, or a desperate single.  I hope if you take the time to read this, you understand I am writing this as a reflection of my own experiences and feelings.  I am an optimistic 22-year-old who takes life as it comes and tries to make the best out of all situations.

Between fairytales, Disney princess movies and romantic comedies, girls are taught from a young age that finding Prince Charming is the happily ever after.  Don't get me wrong — I'm a huge fan of those stories, and I'm a cheesy hopeless romantic, so I love that notion.  However, I just think a lot of girls believe this is the only way to find happiness, and it is the end all, be all.  I can't wait to find my "one," but until then, I think it's important to make myself happy and work on developing myself so I am ready whenever I meet my "one."  So many people talk about completing their partner and vice versa, and I agree that possessing qualities your partner doesn't have and vice versa can bring a great balance to the relationship, but I don't feel you should necessarily feel incomplete without that person. I think when each partner is their own person and doesn't get so lost in their partner or the relationship, that makes the relationship so much more dynamic.  You're more interested in the other person, because they are a "whole" person, and you're able to spend time apart, which makes time together that much sweeter.  And heaven forbid if the relationship ends, you're able to stand on your own two legs and continue your life — because you are the writer of your life, not your partner or your relationship.

Now, here is where my story begins: I dated the same guy between the ages of 15 and 21.  This long period of time, combined with starting the relationship at such a young age, automatically had my mind set on getting marrying young and starting a family right away.  Especially in the South, this seems to be the trend, and I'd be lying if I said there wasn't pressure to do this.  I planned to move back to my hometown, find a job in nearby Nashville and settle down.  To me, having a husband and kids is still the ultimate goal and something I will do one day, but I think I've just found out it will happen later than I had expected, and that's totally fine.

When my boyfriend and I broke up, I found myself single for the first time in six years (and my adult life), and it was a confusing and unfamiliar feeling.  There are pros and cons and different emotions that come along with it.  There are definitely hard moments, especially when it's easy to feel like the only single one in the bunch.  I have a core group of five friends at school, two of which are my roommates.  All of them have boyfriends but me.  This makes an interesting dynamic at times, especially when we have game nights and realize the teams can't be split evenly.  I may also be the only girl in the group to go to date parties by herself, but you can't let that stop you from having a good time.  I have a core group of five friends at home.  One has a serious boyfriend, and two are engaged.  My best friend in the whole world, who has been my friend since second grade, is also engaged.  I have already been invited to nine weddings in 2014.  I am so, so happy for all those happy couples, and in no way feel any bitterness toward them, and once again that's the last conclusion I want drawn from this post.  In fact, I love seeing all these couples, because it reminds me true love and healthy relationships do exist.  It seems like I'm just getting to that age where we're finally old enough to have serious relationships and get married, and I know the older I get, the more frequently the engagements and weddings will occur.

True, those circumstances can make me feel a little out of the loop sometimes, but being single has also been a blessing that has allowed me to work on developing myself, as I mentioned early in this post.  Yes, I still absolutely want to get married and have kids, but I think it's great I can work on some of my other dreams that are a bit selfish before that time comes.  I want to move away and become enveloped in my career — not so enveloped that I don't have a personal life, but I am so passionate about public relations and want to be able to work for a great company soaking in all the knowledge I can.  Being single has allowed me to have time to explore my interests and hobbies and learn who I am outside of a relationship.  I feel all these things have prepared me to enter the dating pool again, because I know who I am and what I want and need.

That reminds me to segway to an article I read in Cosmo back in December about the top cliches (along with hurtful stigmas and stereotypes) single women are tired of hearing.  The article explained these cliches only make single women feel worse, but it's what we frequently hear.  I'm all for some advice, but three of these cliches, which are not helpful, really resonated with me.

#1: You're intimidating.  I'm a bubbly girl who always tries to be kind, and I can't imagine hurting anybody on purpose.  How am I intimidating?   It's a punishment for becoming what I've worked so hard for — my own person.  Because I have clearly defined goals and ambitions, that's intimidating.  Like the article said, the right guy won't be intimidated by that.  He will be just as ambitious and goal-oriented as me.

#2: You're too picky.  Some girls are too picky about things that don't matter, such as something extremely shallow about looks or some random hobby or career they always imagined their dream man having.  I'm not picky; I just know what I want and am realistic about it.  I'm not saying a guy has to have all the same goals as me (wow, can you tell how goal-driven I am?), but if he doesn't strive to do anything but be complacent, it's not going to work.  I also have religious and moral beliefs, and if a guy's are nowhere near my own, it's not going to work.  I love my family and friends, and they're extremely important to me.  If a guy doesn't treat them well, or doesn't care about his own family or friends, it's not going to work.  See what I mean?  If a guy's basic values don't somewhat line up with mine, we're not going to get serious, and although I'm not looking to get married tomorrow, there's no use in wasting either of our times and postponing the inevitable.  I'd rather be happy by myself than unhappy with somebody else.

#3: You're not putting yourself out there.  What does that even mean?  If not creating an online dating profile or placing a personal ad qualifies me as "not putting myself out there," then you're right.  My roommate, Lauren, made a good point the other day.  She said, "Maybe it's harder for you to meet guys, because we're all taken, so we're not out looking."  It was a valid point, but I'm not sure how one exactly "puts herself out there" besides publicly declaring, "I am single," which I'm not about to do.  I know you won't meet people if you sit at home all the time, but I 'm also not one to go to a bar in hopes of meeting somebody.  I don't believe I can plan out how to meet somebody.  Hopefully, it just happens when it's supposed to.  Besides, I'm old-fashioned and would rather be pursued than be the one pursuing.

So what exactly is the point of this post?  I realize there may not have been a consistent flow.  It's only because I have so many thoughts running through my head that all fell under the same category.  I want girls my age to know you need to make sure YOU are making yourself happy, whether you are single or in a relationship.  I also think girls should remember to listen to themselves.  We are bombarded with messages that tell us surefire ways how to be happy, how to find love, etc.  It's important to listen to others — especially trusted family and friends who have your best interest at heart — but you know yourself better than them.  Singles ladies, try to find a balance.  At least that's what I'm trying to do.  So many situations in life come with perks and downfalls, and this is no different.  Is it easy to get sad/feel like an annoying third or fifth wheel when you feel like the only single one?  Yes.  Is it nice to make plans only for yourself and not worry about asking somebody else first?  Yes.  I don't believe finding a man is the solution to all of life's problems.  Yes, it is my top dream to become a wife and mom one day, and yes, I will be ecstatic when I find the one.  But I'm also going to be thrilled to celebrate my personal victories that I have accomplished without a man.  And right now, because of the confidence I have in myself and who I am, I know I'm in a good place to meet somebody when the time is right.  But I also know I'm in a position to turn down somebody I know isn't good for me as well.  I don't feel I need somebody and I'm not actively searching, but at the same time, I'm open to it and would be happy if it happened.  Love yourself and love others.  The rest will fall into place.